How to Run a Bulletproof Negotiation

Negotiation is one of the most difficult, and in my opinion, poorly understood aspects of the sales process.  If there's at least one thing I've learned about leading sales reps, epecially less experiences ones, they do not know how to negotiate effectively.  Even if they run a flawless sales process, they give up loads of value after having created so much in everything they did prior.  While the customer ultimately gets the better end of this deal, it's not effective for building a business over the long term.  Heavy discounting erodes margin and eliminates a business's ability to invest back into their own people, which in turn, limits the quality of the total customer experience.   

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HubSpot Inbound Sales Day 2016 Announced


TL;DR - I'm Interested in HubSpot's Inbound Sales Day 2016.  How Do I Sign Up? What Are the Details?

For those of you already rearing to go -- maybe you're already customers on their Marketing Platform, Free CRM, or Sales Enablement Tools... or, maybe you've just been getting golden nuggets of content from HubSpot delivered to you for the past 10 years now -- here are the details for the event. 

What Is Inbound Sales Day? 

An online event featruing over a dozen successful sales pros from around the globel.  These experts have grown multimillion-dollar companies and have a proven track record of success.  They're ready, willing, and able to share that knowledge with you.

Who Is This For? 

Not everyone.  You should attend if you are

  • A sales professional, 
  • A sales leader, 
  • Vice President, C-Level Exec, and 
  • Entrepreneurs looking to grow their business faster

When Is It? 

Wednesday, September 14th 

Where Is It? 

It's an online event.  No travel necessary.  Just plug on in. 

What's the Catch?  How Much Does It Cost? 

Free.  Free.  Free.  Why haven't you already registered

Register for Inbound Sales  Day 2016 Now!

I'm Still Not Convinced.  Why Should I Consider Attending HubSpot's Inbound Sales Day 2016? 

cold-calling-is-fun.pngWith all due respect, and no offense intended -- if you haven't felt the squeeze on sales in the past two+ years, you have been living under a rock.  Sales has been changing, has changed, and IS changing.  

The tactics of old no longer work.  Here's some proof: 

Register for Inbound Sales  Day 2016 Now!

Bottom Line: Traditional Sales Methods No Longer Work.  But Applying HubSpot's Inbound Sales Methodology Will Help You and Your Company Adapt to the New Sales Normal 

If you're even the slight bit interested in learning what the best companies are doing to rev their sales engine, I would highly encourage you to attend this free Inbound Sales Event sponsored by HubSpot on Wednesday, September 14th

The company also has free Inbound Sales Certification for anyone looking to apply what they learn on the job.  

And finally, if you want to learn more about the event before registering, HubSpot put together an awesome overview video here: 


 Still not excited?  Read a bit more about Inbound Selling on our blog

What's Your Biggest Sales Challenge? Click to Schedule a 30 Minute Consultation

Register for Inbound Sales  Day 2016 Now!

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