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The Missing Inbound Sales Link

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 17, 2017 3:20:00 PM / by Brian Signorelli

Brian Signorelli

There is a missing link between the inbound lead handoff from marketing to sales. Do you know what that link is?

missing sales link.pngThere’s a gap in between the inbound methodologies. As an agency partner, I know we have felt the missing link between the marketing lead and the sales hand off. This week, we talk to David Fletcher from Maven Sales Group about how they fill the gap.

Something has to happen before your inbound lead is ready to move through the sales funnel. Having a team of SDRs to sit in between the marketing and the sales leads helps move a prospect through the sales funnel much more effectively.

Journey with us as we explore how David and his team can be that missing link between sales and marketing in the inbound world.

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Brian Signorelli

Written by Brian Signorelli